With the world even more on edge than usual, there’s something almost therapeutic about indulging in the past-watching classic films and TV shows, or seeking out retro-minded restaurants that recall the old days, and old ways. Kulture & Kraft, a concept build around experience on every level, is such a place nestled in the art district of Long Beach, Ca. This unique combination of culturally inspired creations, cocktails built around flair and aesthetics, and an after hours Speakeasy where no evening is the same, Kulture & Kraft is a little imagination and infused with a whole lot of inspiration.


From your first pass through Cured, an airy, Restaurant-Lounge under the same ownership and sharing some menu items. If you pretend that Cured is a front meant to fool the Feds, you can imagine yourself furtively heading down a corridor to a magical revolving door into a “Employees Only” marked Speakeasy.


Such a flight of fancy would be easier to sustain if they had put a peephole in the windowless entrance doors and made you give a password only obtained from the Volstead Lounge Mixologist.


The restaurant's sophisticated ambiance, a little redolent of early 1930’s supper clubs, is boosted by a classy bonus of sounds of the past, elegant art deco touches, and a menu built around various cultures encompassing Long Beach. Between the ambiance, the food, drinks, and music, we invite you to experience a simpler time built around memories.

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